Award winning designer, Liza Jones, is a proud eighth-generation Virginian. Her family’s centuries-old roots in the Old Dominion are echoed in her love of the state’s unique and varied history.

Liza Jones

Liza Jones

She grew up in McLean, Virginia in a family of ten.  "Back when my parents moved to McLean, it was a sleepy little suburb, considered out in the country."  "Our home was always buzzing with activity."

Liza's design instincts developed early, while she accompanied her resourceful mother to antique shops, estate sales and flea markets to keep their large and busy house furnished on a budget.  In the process, she discovered how to identify unusual pieces that could punctuate a room's decor.  "We never knew what treasure we would come home with."  The thrill of the hunt for old, beautiful things has stayed with her and she loves incorporating antiques into her designs whenever possible.

Liza earned her interior design degree after a career in corporate event planning - a job that took her through every state, where she got a taste for different styles and cultures that dwell in all corners of America.  She has also traveled extensively abroad since becoming a designer.  Some of her favorite locales include London, Paris, Italy, South Korea, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.

"My travels have allowed me to source a wide range of unique furnishings and accessories for my clients, but I am most passionate about art.  Whenever I travel, I always seek out local artists and buy original fine art.  It's an absolute must!"

As a cancer survivor, Liza is uniquely aware of how cancer can change ones life. When Liza is not working, she regularly donates her time to her favorite local charities - American Cancer Society,  The Washington Humane Society, the USO, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Oh, and she plays a wicked game of backgammon!